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Edge World Summit 2024

The World’s #1
Edge Gathering

Like SaaS and Cloud Computing, Edge comprises Edge As a Service Application and a technology Infrastructure.

The technology infrastructure will include a data infrastructure, a computing infrastructure extending from the Edge to the Cloud, and a networking infrastructure.


Who Will Attend?

This new generation of services requires new spheres of collaboration. Edge World Summit will bring together enterprises’ end users with ecosystem & developers to build this new generation of services. The vertical deep dives will strongly focus on end-user cases, views, and experiences to clarify requirements. Our technology Conference brings together expert groups and industry bodies to share information on available open-source resources and tools to build the next generation of Edge Services.


Topio Networks’ events have a high participation of senior management, with 25% CxO attendance, and 50% of attendees being Director or above.

EDGE World Summit - November 14 & 15, 2023 | Join the Acceleration | Silicon Valley Executive Conference about the Acceleration of Digitalization 3.0.

Bringing Together Key Influences and Decision Makers

This unique event brings together the critical groups driving the Edge World forward. The audience will include key decision-makers from people building Edge As A Service applications as well as technologist who are developing the technology infrastructure at the data, computing, and networking level. 

Applications will include but not limited to applications such as:

  • Autonomous vehicles and drones
  • Retail analytics
  • Real-time video analytics for surveillance and security.
  • Smart grid management for energy distribution and optimization.
  • Autonomous vehicle data processing for self-driving cars.
  • Industrial IoT data aggregation and predictive maintenance.
  • Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) content rendering.
  • Edge-based language translation for multilingual applications.
  • Edge-enabled drone swarm coordination and data analysis.
  • Real-time environmental monitoring and pollution control.
  • Smart agriculture with edge-based soil and crop analysis.
  • Retail analytics for in-store customer behavior insights.
  • Real-time logistics and supply chain management.
  • Edge-based facial recognition for access control and authentication.
  • Edge-powered weather forecasting and disaster prediction.
  • Edge-enabled gaming platforms for low-latency online gaming.
  • Edge computing for real-time financial market analysis.
  • Smart healthcare applications with remote patient monitoring.
  • Edge-based traffic management and congestion control.
  • Edge-driven personalized content recommendation systems.
  • Edge-assisted real-time language processing for virtual assistants.
  • Smart city infrastructure management and optimization.
  • Real-time vibration analysis for predictive maintenance in machinery.
  • Edge-powered precision farming for optimized irrigation and fertilization.
  • Edge-based voice processing for call centers and voice assistants.
  • Real-time gesture recognition and motion tracking in AR/VR applications.
  • Edge-enhanced image and video rendering for creative content.
  • Edge analytics for anomaly detection in industrial processes.
  • Edge-enabled earthquake detection and early warning systems.
  • Edge-powered wearable devices for health and fitness tracking.
  • Edge-based inventory management for retail and warehousing.
  • Edge-driven predictive maintenance for elevators and escalators.
  • Healthcare applications (Real health monitoring)
  • Intelligent Space developers and IoT Data Aggregation
  • Video Analytics
  • Industrial automation and manufacturing
  • Content Delivery and CDN edge nodes
  • Public Safety services & communication providers.
  • Energy & Micro Grid Providers
  • Carriers & Service Providers
  • Automotive OEM and Fleet Providers
  • Construction & Operating companies for Smart Buildings
  • Water & Utilities Infrastructure

Please note that adopting and implementing EaaS applications can vary depending on technological advancements, industry demands, and regulatory considerations. As the Edge continues to evolve, more diverse and specialized EaaS applications will likely emerge.

Example of technology companies will include:

  • Data platforms (data lakes. streaming engines)
  • Database
  • Data Provider Event Management system
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Management
  • Game Engines
  • LoCode NoCode Platforms
  • Digital Twins Data Integration
  • Hyperscale Cloud
  • Telco Carrier
  • CDN
  • Data Center Provider
  • Real Estate Data Center
  • Infrastructure Network
  • Infrastructure Provider
  • Component Provider
  • Application Hardware & Software Provider
  • Systems Integrators