Designed for Networking, from the Ground Up

We recognize that the opportunity to network, as well as learning from our phenomenal Edge Computing World conference speakers, is significantly important to our event attendees. And within a virtual event, its often that personal connection that’s missing. But this event has been designed with quality networking at it’s core. In fact in many ways, the connections at Edge Computing World will be better and more efficient than in an old-style face to face event.

Build Valuable Connections with the Entire Edge Ecosystem

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10 Hours+ of Networking 

Edge Computing World features over 10 hours of dedicated networking time in the two-day Developers Conference – even more if you opt into the Edge Executive Conference – with a wide range of dedicated networking opportunities.

Breakfast Briefings

Beat the traffic, arrive early and benefit from our extended learning and networking opportunities.These sessions allow you to deepen your understanding of key topics whilst connecting with like-minded peers who share the same specialist interest.

Networking Lunches

Chat with your peers, move on and spend time engaging with new technology innovators at our demo tables, or take advantage of our One to One meeting area. It’s up to you.

Networking Reception

Enjoy a relaxed post-conference drink, and network with solution providers, investors and peers at our networking reception at the end of the first Edge Computing World conference day, Tuesday December 10th.

Edge Computing World 2020

4 Days

3000+ Attendees

Maximise Your Networking Time: Intent-Based Networking

We are excited to bring you the Award Winning* networking app to maximise the efficiency of your networking experience at Edge Computing World. has rapidly emerged as a best in class networking solution for events, and is used as the defacto standard for all Google events, as well as by Samsung, Microsoft and TechCrunch.

Brella allows you to set your skills and interests, curate your own meetings with the contacts most relevant to you, set the time of your meeting, and kick up one to one video meetings within the virtual event. We have allocated 10+ hours of networking time for meetings and for visiting the virutal exhibition booths in the Edge Expo.

Never Miss a Meeting

    • Set your interests and who you want to meet
    • Identify members of the Edge Computing world community interested in meeting during the event
    • Identify the attendees with whom you share common interests
    • Schedule meetings during the event
    • Connect for one-to-one video meetings

To access on a mobile device, download the app (available from Apple and Google App Stores).

*Event Technology Awards 2018 Best Networking Technology & Best Conference Technology