Speaker profile

Germán León


I am the CXO and founder of GESTOOS, a startup that focuses on computer vision
and human-technology interac>on. Our Ar>ficial Intelligence “Gestoos” represents a
breakthrough in gestural interac>on and human behavior understanding, thanks to
proprietary developments in machine learning and applied ar>ficial intelligence.
Our vision is that spaces and devices will become intelligent to understand and
an>cipate people’s needs. Our mission is to put the “brains” (soIware) behind all
those “eyes” (cameras) that surround us. And doing so while respec>ng people’s
privacy and in>macy.
Before GESTOOS I was the director at Oblong Europe, the company is widely known
for the interface of the movie “Minority Report” film and since then I have dedicated
my career to change the way computers, and systems interact with people using
gesture-aware and mul>-user, mul>-screen, mul>-device solu>ons.

What I’d like to present is my view and opportuni>es around Ar>ficial Intelligence-
based interac>ons. Rather than focusing on how people interact with technology, I

would like to emphasise how technology must understand people. I’ve worked for
several years on how to improve the tools and techniques computers use to
communicate with us, primarily in the area of micro-gestures and mini interac>ons.
We are at a stage in computer evolu>on where technology can understand our
everyday gestures, facial expressions and general movement poten>ally unlocking
ini>al communica>ons with tech in general. Why is this something we should care?
Because increasingly the speed of technology is genera>ng computer illiteracy
amongst an ageing society and design can help to change it.