2022 Agenda - All Timings PST

13:40 | Wednesday 12th October 2022

U.S. Roadways – From Construction to Digital Intelligence

Intelligent Infrastructure (Edge Executive Conference)
  • Technology trends driving roadside solutions
  • Operationalizing connected vehicles 
    • Vehicle-to-vehicle safety use cases (how V2V data is used to influence new transportation strategies) 
    • Vehicle-to-Infrastructure safety use cases
    • Requirements to enable common edge/roadside architectures for CV operations 
    • Challenges and opportunities
      • Conformance and interoperability (between devices, across deployments, for user experience, among nations)
      • 5G and dedicated spectrum (30MHz edge app priorities, defining 5G cases for transport)
      • Technical challenges: latency with cloud round-trips, processing big data, cyber
      • USDOT funding opportunities to advance CV/AV 
  • Autonomous vehicle (AV) adoption trends
    • Where, why, & what types of AVs are DOTs deploying 
    • State proving grounds and testing objectives 
  • In conclusion: the value to state DOTs of digital intelligence along roadside