2022 Agenda - All Timings PST

14:10 | Wednesday 12th October 2022

Cloud vs Edge AI: What’s Best to Achieve a Sustainable and Healthy Building?

Edge AI & Application Mgmnt (Edge Executive Conference)

Cloud-based building management tools and edge AI technology are both powerful resources for improving intelligence, efficiency and performance. When used to their potential, they can help solve compelling problems like decarbonization, sustainability and indoor air quality for building owners and operators around the world. Looking forward, they will also play a large role in the autonomy and resilience of buildings in the future. While cloud vs. edge AI isn’t necessarily a one-or-the-other decision, incorporating edge AI with cloud-based tools empowers organizations to maximize the potential of both approaches. Edge AI can be used to run models that make decisions and take actions, while cloud-based tools continually learn from their performance to provide deeper insights for the enhancement of AI models.
When deciding which technologies to implement, there are important factors to consider like cost, data storage, energy consumption, and security. This presentation will help make sense of current and future cloud and edge AI technology offerings so they can make a more informed decision about which technologies to use for their unique facility operations.