2022 Agenda - All Timings PST

15:00 | Tuesday 11th October 2022

As Telco Moves to The Edge and Cloud

Edge Developers Conference

In this talk, we will discuss the trend of Telco operators gradually moving towards cloud-native configurations and deployments. This technological evolution began a decade ago with the onset of machine virtualization and has continued forward with the more recent onset of containerization and microkernels. At the same time, the industry has moved towards “disaggregated stacks’ and confirmations – deploying software, often from different vendors, in combinations on top of various COGS hardware. These changes coupled with market pressures to demand new services such as public and private 5G on top of these deployment architectures have pushed the evolution of servers in a direction to suit these types of deployments, including the evolution of the network interface cards (NICS) towards more and more hardware-offload capabilities.