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Edge Executive Insight – Xiao-Feng (Mason) Li, CEO, CoCopie – Edge StartUp of the Year FINALIST

In the lead up to Edge Computing World, we’re taking some time to speak to key Executives from the leading companies. Today we’re talking with Xiao-Feng (Mason) Li, CEO of CoCopie


Tell us a bit about yourself – what led you to get involved in the edge computing market and CoCopie

I had been working in edge/device industry for many years before CoCoPIE. I realized AI enabling is one of the key challenges the edge/devices are facing right now and in foreseeable future. CoCoPIE is committed to enable AI for edge/devices.

What is it you & your company are uniquely bringing to the edge market?

CoCoPIE is led by experts in areas of AI, compiler, and runtime. We are developing full-stack AI software products with patented technologies that enable edge/devices to run AI models with efficiency in both performance, power, and accuracy.


Tell us more about the company, what’s your advantages compared to others on the market, who is involved, and what are your major milestones so far?

The major challenge in edge/device AI is to achieve both performance, power and accuracy at the same time. None of other solutions can bring customer with the same level of efficiency as CoCoPIE’s. CoCoPIE has released its first automatic AI optimization toolchain: CoCoPIE XGen, and has customers like video streaming service provider, smartphone maker, etc.


How do you see the edge market developing over the next few years?

We believe the market of edge/device AI will grow fast and to be the next major business opportunity. AI is going from cloud to edge/device, and becoming ubiquitous, for reasons of privacy, responsiveness, and low-cost.

What are the main trends you see about integrating edge computing into different verticals?

Edge computing has to become vertical when it goes to customers in domains. The bottom of the technology stack of edge computing will be diversified with various hardware, and the top of the technology stack will be tailored to various business problems. Metaverse, smart home, smart medical could be the most active verticals in near future.