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Edge Executive Insight – Roman Bysko, CEO, Meredot – Innovator of the Year FINALIST

In the lead up to Edge Computing World, we’re taking some time to speak to key Executives from the leading companies. Today we’re talking with Roman Bysko, CEO of Meredot


Tell us a bit about yourself – what led you to get involved in the edge computing market and Meredot

I have more than 10 years of  experience in the consumer electronics and IT sectors and has patented a number of innovations and published several articles in both environmental and energy publications. Prior to joining Meredot, I was the Director of the Innovation and R&D Departments at Black Nova where I designed products for smart home and hotel automation. I started Meredot with a clear mission to make life without cable posssible.

What is it you & your company are uniquely bringing to the edge market?

At Meredot, we’re building best-in-class wireless chargers to accelerate electrification in multi-billion-dollar markets like robotics, material handling, and electric vehicles. Our wireless chargers are unmatched in speed, price, weight, and size, unlocking electrification by recharging vehicles during the short stops that already exist during operation to extend the range and shrink onboard batteries. Since our founding, we’ve won Hirozon2020 Phase 1 to finalize the tech, had early sales traction in the EU and US, and represented the TOP-18 innovative startups of the EU in CES2022 to power mission-critical applications.

Tell us more about the company, what’s your advantages compared to others on the market, who is involved, and what are your major milestones so far?

We are in discussion with Amazon, and TIER-1 scooter operators in the US. This year we will be launching several pilot projects in the US, and to provide wireless charging service for Light Electric Vehicles.