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Edge Women of the Year Interview – Eva Schönleitner,

In the lead-up to Edge Computing World, we’re taking some time to speak to this year’s finalist of the Edge Women of the Year award.

Today we’re talking to Eva Schönleitner, CEO at


Tell us a bit about yourself – what led you to get involved in the edge computing market?

My name is Eva Schönleitner; I am the CEO of I am an experienced business leader with more than 20 years international experience in technology and industries. Prior to becoming the CEO of in September 2020, I held several senior management positions in global technology companies such as Microsoft and VMware, as well as management consulting roles with Deloitte and IBM in North America. In my working life, I have always sought to tackle global opportunities at the leading edge of technology. These goals brought me to the software industry early in my career. During the last years at ABB where I developed the global digital ecosystem, I’ve had the opportunity to learn first-hand about the needs of the manufacturing industry and how edge technologies can enable and accelerate the company’s digitalization journey. Now, I am applying this knowledge
at to create innovative cloud and edge solutions for our customers so they can realize the next industrial revolution – Industry 4.0.

How does diversity benefit the edge environment?

For me, diversity really means diversity of thought. I believe having diversity of thought – different people’s expertise and opinions – makes a team stronger. This is important in every environment but an absolute must-have in areas that are emerging like edge computing. I believe that through diversity we enable broad ideation which ultimately results in leading – edge solutions for our customers.

Tell us what is one lesson you’ve learned that’s unique to being a female leader in the Edge space?

I “grew up” in the technology and software industry where in the early days of client servers, solutions were on-premise. The emergence of cloud providers enabled broad adoption of solutions for PAAS, IAAS, and SAAS. Industry 4.0 is now driving the need for edge solutions. We all – both men and women shaped and developed those solutions over the years, but from the beginning until today women are still in the minority in the technology field. I found this to be a personal challenge in two ways. As a female leader I bring unique perspectives to the business on the one hand, and it is also my duty to support other women in their advancing careers. My experience in both areas has been very positive, which encouraged me on my path, and I am asking every female leader to follow.

How do you see the edge market developing over the next few years?

I believe the edge market will grow exponentially as digital solutions and core initiatives like Industry 4.0 gain full adoption with customers. This is just the beginning and at we’re excited to be at the forefront of this evolution.

What advice would you give to other women entering the edge space, and/or what are some ways in which you have helped to support and lift other women in the space up?

My advice would be simply to go for it. Challenge yourself and be part of a space that is growing and exciting. Competence comes in all flavors and women are meant to actively contribute and co-lead. There are so many opportunities for women to demonstrate their talent and expertise, and that’s exactly why at we are giving more and more women the opportunity to contribute at all levels across the organisation. Smart leaders of companies in the edge space should consider diversity and empower women by giving them the opportunities to succeed.

Thanks Eva !!  

The Edge Woman of the Year 2021 winner will be announced during the Edge Computing World Keynotes on October 13th.