SuperSessions 2022

SuperSessions are 90 minute interactive educational sessions, with attendees in each session selected & capped to allow for sufficient time for audience  interaction.  You may apply to be invited to Supersessions through the standard registration process. Successful applications will be notified in advance

Tuesday 11th

9.30 am   An Insider’s Look at New Research & Tools to Address Edge Computing Challenges 

Hosted by Schneider Electric

Take advantage of this opportunity to meet with Research Analysts from Schneider Electric’s Energy Management Research Center who are passionate about helping you make informed business and technology decisions backed by facts and research. This group performs technology analysis and develops white papers and TradeOff Tools to aid with everything related to the plan, design, and operation of the physical infrastructure in data center and edge computing environments. During this interactive session, they will:

      • delve into the evolution of DCIM, focusing on the increased challenges of maintaining resiliency and security while tracking and improving sustainability.
      • demonstrate an upcoming DCIM Monitoring Value Calculator that provides a framework for quantifying the benefit of implementing DCIM in distributed IT environments.
      • walk you through a soon-to-be-released Micro Data Center Carbon Emissions Calculator that analyzes the lifecycle carbon footprint and demonstrates key drivers of emissions.
      • Be the first to learn about new tools and efforts to manage edge computing challenges and provide critical input to ensure the tools provide relevant insights for your business.



11.15 am     Build Your Edge: Creating Stronger Applications and End-User Experiences with Edge Computing

Hosted by Stackpath

StackPath experts, Praful Lalchandani, VP of Product Management; Dylan Redding, VP Platform Software; David Barmann, Chief Network Scientist; and Ginny Suresh, Solutions Engineer, will provide a demo and explain how at the edge of the Internet, you’ll find solutions that your latency-sensitive, cloud-native workloads need to compete in today’s data-intensive, speed-needing atmosphere. This 90-minute super session is intended for technologists and developers interested in learning about the value of edge and how to efficiently and effectively use edge compute to take their projects to the edge.



Wednesday 12th

9.30  am Hybrid Edge Use Cases and Architecting for Highly Distributed Edge Workloads

Hosted by Amazon Web Services:

AWS hybrid edge services allow customers to use cloud services to innovate and solve a variety of problems that traditionally could not be moved to the cloud. In this supersession, explore various customer use cases, dive deep into which service or combination of services was used with each use case, and consider where it makes sense to run applications or parts of an application at the edge versus the core. Learn about the nuances of AWS hybrid services that inform key availability, security, and governance decisions. Come prepared for Q&A with AWS experts who are experienced in hybrid edge deployments and ready to share their learning.


11.15 am Edge Computing Technology Jumpstart

Hosted by Pratexo

Build your expertise in designing and implementing systems involving edge computing, micro clouds, event-driven architectures, and AI at the edge. Join popular speaker and technology trainer Petter Graff in an interactive discussion covering a wide range of open-source tools and design frameworks commonly used in edge-related projects. Intended for architects, senior developers, and technical business leaders interested in how to accelerate and dramatically de-risk such projects.