Speaker profile

Yaniv Maor

Founder & CEO - Tevel Aerobotics

Yaniv Maor founded Tevel Aerobotics Technologies in 2017 after recognizing the hardships and challenges farmers face due to scarcity in fruit-picking labor. He drew on his passion for artificial intelligence, sustainability and translating ideas
into technological products and combined it with his over two decades of managerial experience in consumer markets and industrial defense. Prior to founding Tevel Aerobotics Yaniv was a senior manager at ELTA Systems, a subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries.

During his career at IAI, Yaniv led multidisciplinary R&D projects and oversaw the implementation and success of numerous projects from initial concept into mass scaling and production. In 2016 he was recognized as the Factory Manager Honoree and was a candidate for the Israeli Ministry of Defense Innovation Award.

In his previous roles Yaniv was the Vice President of R&D at Lumio, an advanced vision systems company that develops optical touch-screen solutions. He served as Algorithm and Electronics Team Leader at VKB, a startup that developed and
produced virtual laser keyboards and was awarded the prestigious CES Innovation Award in 2007.

Yaniv has written 20 patents and 11 additional granted patents for Tevel Aerobotics.   He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and a Masters of Science in Systems Engineering from the world-renowned Technion Institute of Technology.