Speaker profile

Vishy Gopalakrishnan

Vice President, Ecosystem & Innovation - AT&T

Vishy is responsible for delivering advanced technologies and innovative products to solve business
challenges, and actively engaging with the startup community to bring new capabilities to AT&T. Prior to his
current role, Vishy was part of the AT&T Corporate Strategy team; delivering analysis and recommendations
on new business opportunities. Before AT&T, Vishy has held leadership roles in product management, sales,
alliances, and consulting across a variety of companies, including SAP, Nokia, Motorola, and Ernst & Young.
Through his extensive experience, Vishy brings a depth of knowledge and expertise in delivering
technological business solutions in mobile apps, networking, cloud, IoT, and security. A frequent speaker at
industry events, Vishy is a co-author of “Work Goes Mobile” (Wiley, 2006).