Speaker profile

Tom Nadeau

Co-host - The Net Podcast

Tom is a Fellow and Vice President at Spirent Communications where he is The Chief Architect of Cloud.  Tom works across Spirent’s products and business units. He is responsible for Spirent’s Open Source strategy and approach, as well as working on new and emerging technologies. Tom has served on the Linux Foundation Edge Boards, TAC and Networking Technical Advisory Council (TAC) and Board and held similar roles in the Akraino, OPNFV and OpenDaylight projects. Tom is an Apache Software Foundation Committer where he was a committer on the AriaTosca project, and is co-Maintainer of The Public Yang Repository on GitHub.

Tom is a very well established engineer / engineering leader, he is an architect and industry visionary having worked in both startups and large company environments, within equipment vendors and service providers. He has attentively focused on the details of developing successful products. Strong communication skills have allowed him to participate and share his experiences and knowledge in public presentations, as well as internal communications.

Before joining Spirent, Tom was a Senior Technical Director at Red Hat. He also spent time at Brocade as Chief Architect of Open Source, Software Business Unit and worked in as a Distinguished Engineer at Juniper Networks.