Speaker profile

Todd H Poole

Associate Director - HPE Pathfinder

Todd is an Assoc. Director at Pathfinder Ventures and leads investments in traditional and deep technology. Recent areas of investment interest include hardware, software, edge, core, AI/ML, computer vision, sensors, silicon, and cybersecurity.

Before joining Pathfinder, Todd’s venture capital career included investment roles at a $50M early-stage venture firm, a $500M mid-stage firm, and several years of activity as a small, private angel in the San Francisco, Seattle, and Chicago startup scenes.

Prior to his venture capital career, Todd held several roles as a founder, an early operator, and an early engineer at several startups and early-stage technology companies including a food-delivery startup, a virally successful video game studio, and a logistics startup.

Todd started his career working as an automation engineer in a manufacturing environment and a simulation engineer and cryptography technologies expert at a research and development laboratory for a major Department of Defense contractor.

Todd spent his academic career at Northwestern University, earning several degrees from McCormick’s Electrical Engineering and Computer Science program and Mechanical Engineering program.

When he’s not investing personally or professionally, Todd enjoys speaking publicly about venture investing, participating in panel talks, serving as a panel judge for startup competitions, and volunteering at several incubators and accelerators.