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Sarfraz Nawaz

Data and Analytics Product Manager - Johnson & Johnson

Sarfraz is a former data scientist who develops data infrastructure, data platforms, and analytics capabilities, most recently at Apple Maps. Previously, he focused on the development of an industry-leading digital attribution solution with the LA-based marketing analytics startup MarketShare. During his time at Microsoft, Sarfraz was part of the early team building Cosmos DB and behavioral analytics platforms for Bing, which ultimately form the building blocks for Microsoft Azure, Cortana.
He holds an MS in computer science and information retrieval from Columbia University. Aside from engineering, Sarfraz is passionate about Hindustani music and is a trained vocalist in Indian classical music.


Edge Executive Conference - Day 1 - October 11, 2022
Building a More Efficient Supply & Sustainable Chain with the Edge at J&J
Industrial, Mfg & Robotics (Edge Executive Conference)
Speaking companies: Johnson & Johnson
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Panel: Leveraging the Edge to Innovate the Factory
Industrial, Mfg & Robotics (Edge Executive Conference)
Speaking companies: Johnson & Johnson, Pratexo
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