Speaker profile

Sandeep Bandil

Vice President, IoT Edge Devices & Solutions - Brambles

Sandeep Bandil is the Vice President of IoT Edge Devices in the BXB Digital group of Brambles, a supply-chain logistics company that specializes in pooling of pallets, crates and containers primarily through the CHEP brand. He leads the IoT connected devices team where he is responsible for building smart tracking devices to capture pallet movements and provide visibility in the supply chain. He is also responsible for Edge AI vision systems to automate
warehouse operations.
Sandeep has over 20 years of experience developing hardware systems and products for a wide range of technology companies in the Silicon Valley. He is passionate about exploring emerging technologies and developing innovative products. He has a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Arizona State University and an MBA from the University of California, Berkeley. He lives in Los Altos with his wife and two daughters.