Speaker profile

Robert Brumley

Cofounder/Chairman - CommStar Space Communications

Robert (Bob) Brumley brings extensive executive experience in the management and
financing of early stage ventures, particularly in aerospace, telecommunications and

In June, 2020, Bob and his colleagues at Marble Arch Partners, LLC and the executive
team at the Laser LightTM Companies announced the launch of CommStar Space
Communications, LLC, or CommStarTM, www.commstar.space.

CommStarTM intends on deploying CommStar-1TM in 2023 at an orbit location between
the earth and the moon to serve as a high capacity, software-centric data relay satellite
in the Cislunar Service Area. CommStar-1TM is being designed in cooperation with
Thales Alenia Space to serve as a hybrid satellite – RF & Laser Optics – with significant
onboard capabilities, serving a validated customer demand for DTE, and Bi-Directional
data communications between the earth and moon for commercial, civil science, and
government customers.

Bob was a Presidential Appointee (Senate Confirmed) in the Reagan Administration,
serving in both terms. Amongst his duties in the Reagan Administration was Executive
Director of the Commercial Space Working Group of the NSC and EPC. He is a retired
Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve.