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Rob Czarnecki

Product Management Lead, Outposts - AWS

Rob Czarnecki leads the product management team for AWS Outposts, responsible for product management, design, marketing, and business development. In this role, he helps customers across all industries achieve a truly consistent hybrid experience by using Outposts to extend AWS infrastructure, APIs and services to their datacenters, co-location spaces, and on-premises facilities.

Prior to this role, Rob led product management for Amazon S3 Glacier and built the Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive storage class, which provides durable and highly available object storage for less than one tenth of a cent per GB per month. Before that, Rob led the legal team for the AWS Compute, Containers, and Block Storage businesses. He studied electrical and computer engineering and began his career as a New York based technology lawyer.


Edge Executive Conference - Day 2 - October 12, 2022
Bringing Cloud Closer to Where You Need it for Virtually Every Application
Edge AI & Application Mgmnt (Edge Executive Conference)
Speaking companies: AWS
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Edge AI & Application Mgmnt (Edge Executive Conference)
Speaking companies: GE Healthcare, Axiant, Trust Over IP Foundation, Avassa, AWS
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