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Mike DiCosola

CEO & Founder - DISC

Drone Industry Systems Corp. ($DISC) Mike DiCosola, CEO/founder of DISC, as and Co-Chair of Digital Twin Consortium’s Mobility and Infrastructure Group, is leveraging more than ten years of general contracting experience and over seven years of research and development in autonomous drone and vehicle delivery, developed a strong portfolio of UAS/AAM infrastructure intellectual property which includes an Autonomous True Last Mile Fleet Logistic Infrastructure and Delivery System or “Vertiport In-A-Box System” (VIB). A fully autonomous smart airport/vertiport that works with aircraft ranging from small quadcopters to large electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft. The system also includes separate but integrated hardware and software solutions, such as the Smart Rooftop and Ground Airport/Vertiport/DronePort; the Smart Mailbox Landing Pad, the Smart Landing and Charging Pad Miner, Smart Delivery Doorbell Miner, Smart Self-Healing Node Centric Mesh Network, and Crypto/Token Social Rewards, DiCosola designed that network to be scalable, modular, interoperable, immutable and cybersecure on an open platform with blockchain data validation, encryption and artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) backbone software, supported by a node-centric edge computing mesh network on a market maker data exchange. DISC has built its turn-key solution IP with its core objectives of safety and security, through an environmentally friendly and economically sustainable system of “repurposing” existing infrastructure.


Edge Executive Conference - Day 2 - October 12, 2022
Enabling the Next Generation of Air Transportation
Intelligent Infrastructure (Edge Executive Conference)
Speaking companies: KBR Inc, Industry IoT Consortium, Valqari, DISC
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