Speaker profile

Michael Enescu

CEO & Co-Founder - EAN Corporation

Michael Enescu is CEO and Co-founder of EAN Corporation and Project OpenOPF, responsible for development of network virtualization technology based on energy research from Caltech. Michael serves as a Visiting Scholar at the California Institute of Technology and was a Fellow in IoT Robotics and Smart Cities at the World Economic Forum. Previously he was the Head of Open Source at Cisco, where he led the strategy and execution across the company’s top priorities in Cloud, IoT and SDN. He led the formation of multiple projects in Eclipse, Apache, and Linux Foundation and won the InterOp Grand Prize with Open Daylight, first time ever for an Open Source project. Previously he served as the first VP of Engineering at XenSource, a founding member of the Mobile Web Services group at Palm, and a founding member of the Java Content Partners Program and J2ME teams at Sun, a project that led to Android. Michael is a CS graduate from Caltech and Stanford University.