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Kevin Lang

CEO & President - Agerpoint

Kevin is the CEO & President at Agerpoint, Inc., an innovator in geospatial intelligence and data engineering that develops technologies to digitize, analyze and comprehend natural environments. Agerpoint’s software platform creates 3D models of plants, crops and forests using smartphones and other data sources, extracts physical and spectral measurements using artificial intelligence and fuses this information with other data layers to create plant-level digital twins used for agriculture and climate-related insights.

Agerpoint’s Know Your Carbon™ was recognized by the World Economic Forum as a winner of the Carbon Market Challenge as announced at the UN’s Climate Change Conference, COP 26. Agerpoint was also named a 2022 Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum.

Prior to Agerpoint, Kevin was Co-Founder and CEO of geospatial technology startup, spadeGEO. Prior to that, Kevin led the Agriculture business at PrecisionHawk, a commercial drone technology and analytics company. He also held roles at Deloitte Consulting and began his career in product development engineering with John Deere.

Kevin builds high-performing teams and solutions that use geospatial data, remote sensing and artificial intelligence alongside interactive experiences with VR/AR/MR to address pressing societal issues such as food security, climate change, natural resource scarcity and aging infrastructure.

He holds an MBA from Wake Forest University and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Clemson University.


Edge Executive Conference - Day 1 - October 11, 2022
Farm Data as a Business: Collection, Management, and Analytics
Silicon Valley AgTech (Edge Executive Conference)
Speaking companies: Agerpoint, Parcel.ag, Fiducia, Greensight
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