Speaker profile

Jim Blakley

Director, Living Edge Lab, Carnegie Mellon University - Open Edge Computing Initiative

Jim has over 35 years of experience in the computing and communications industries. Throughout his career at AT&T, Lucent, Intel and, now, Carnegie Mellon University, he has focused on the commercialization of emerging technologies at the intersection of media processing, human interaction, global distributed computing and networking. At the Living Edge Lab, he works with the world’s leading edge computing experts to explore the boundaries of edge computing. He loves to find real and valuable applications for new technologies – starting with his early work at Bell Labs in speech technologies through intelligent network services, software defined networks, server virtualization, cloud computing, video and artificial intelligence to his current work in edge computing. While keeping his technology edge, he has led organizations from small product development and product management teams to entire business units and has a passion for applying systems engineering and business strategy to taking technologies across the chasm.