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Jason Andersen

Vice President, Strategy and Business Line Management - Stratus Technologies

At Stratus we are redefining the notion of Edge Computing by placing the focus on the people who actually make the world work. Instead of forcing IT tools upon people who aren’t technologists, we make systems and software the empower non-IT people to simplify and protect their digital assets. We have been in the business of providing mission critical computing for almost 4 decades and now we are transforming everything we do to meet the future computing demands of the connected world.

My role in all of this has been to define our vision, show our team the way and now we’re get our whole ecosystem prepared for this next shift in computing. I’ve been transforming products, portfolios and teams for years in software, hardware and service organizations and thrive of the challenge.


Edge Executive Conference - Day 1 - October 11, 2022
Demo: Retail in the Metaverse
Retail Edge (Edge Executive Conference)
Speaking companies: Summit Tech
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Panel: Building the Next Generation of Retail Services
Retail Edge (Edge Executive Conference)
Speaking companies: Summit Tech, CVS, NVIDIA
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Edge Executive Conference - Day 2 - October 12, 2022
Panel: Building the Metaverse with the Edge
Telco & Media Edge (Edge Executive Conference)
16:05 - 17:00
Speaking companies: Summit Tech, VMWare, StackPath
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