Speaker profile

Jane Shen

Member of Leadership Team - ETSI MEC

Jane Shen is VP of Technology Strategy at Mavenir Systems. Jane leads the cross BU effort to deploy Telco workloads into public clouds, including 5G RAN, packet core, and IMS. The goal is for Mavenir’s 5G products to run on any cloud with performance, reliability, and security. In addition, Jane leads collaborations with major cloud service providers in ZTA data security, Telco SaaS services, and Telco edge cloud services. Her most recent work is in ORAN cloudification and 5G cloud security. 

Jane is an ETSI MEC leadership team member, leading the MEC and Opensource collaboration efforts. In addition, she represents Mavenir in edge computing groups, including GSMA OPG, TEC, and Camara. 

 Jane has over 25 years of experience in Telco network systems with leadership roles in engineering and product/technology planning. Before Mavenir, she was head of technical planning for Futurewei’s (Huawei’s US research center) cloud core network BU. At Futurewei, Jane led the development of AI/ML-powered intelligent OAM for packet core.