Speaker profile

Gerard Cuningham

Partner - McKinsey Technology Council

Gerard stands at the forefront of the digital revolution, boasting over three decades of groundbreaking work, highlighted by his instrumental role in two unicorn exits. Currently, he lends his expertise as a Member of the McKinsey Technology Council task force, focusing on Generative AI, Deep Learning Surrogates, Machine Learning, and beyond. Gerard is not just a pioneer in technology; he’s also the founder and visionary leader of a sustainability practice dedicated to merging technological innovation with environmental stewardship.

His unique approach involves partnering with founders, investors, and corporate leaders to conceptualize, develop, scale, and invest in pioneering climate businesses. Gerard’s efforts are fueled by a compelling vision: to create immense shareholder value, confront the climate crisis directly, and cultivate the next cadre of climate leaders.

With a wealth of hands-on experience, Gerard has mastered the art of defining and implementing high-impact, pragmatic growth strategies across an impressive array of sectors. His expertise encompasses a diverse range of industries, from power, mobility, and transportation to food, agriculture, manufacturing, and beyond, covering nearly every facet of the modern economy.

Gerard’s leadership is not just about fostering growth and innovation; it’s about paving a sustainable path forward for industries to flourish while protecting our planet for future generations.