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Fred Rivard

CEO - MicroEJ

Dr. Fred RIVARD is a noted entrepreneur, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of MicroEJ, a leader in software solutions for IoT and embedded devices.

After his Ph.D. in Computer Science, Fred joined IBM and was one of the scientific leaders within IBM’s OTI lab, working on OOP languages, designing their implementations, virtualization, and compilers, and building the iconic Java compiler of IBM/Eclipse, used by millions of engineers worldwide.

In 2012, Fred decided to apply the same technology he designed for PCs to constrained electronic products and teamed up with high-level leaders in all areas to create MicroEJ.

Fred and his team conducted and developed the technological breakthroughs to build the first standardized software container for sustainable embedded devices: MICROEJ VEE, which footprint is in tens of kilobytes, instead of megabytes for the competition.

In 2016, as the company had sold 1 million units of its MICROEJ VEE, Fred established the US headquarters of the company in Boston, MA, to accelerate MicroEJ’s business growth.

End 2021, 100 million MICROEJ VEE have been sold worldwide in markets such as wearables, smart homes, home appliances, energy, medical devices, industrial automation, etc., and the company is heading towards one billion MICROEJ VEE sold in the next five years.

Dr. Fred RIVARD holds a Ph.D. in computer science and an MBA


Edge Executive Conference - Day 1 - October 11, 2022
Leveraging the Edge to Deliver a Sustainable Society
Keynotes (Edge Executive Conference)
Speaking companies: NTT, Schneider Electric, McKinsey & Company, Vantiq, MicroEJ
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