Speaker profile

Flavio Bonomi

Board Technology Advisor - Lynx Software, Founder - Nebbiolo Technologies

Flavio Bonomi is a Technology Advisor for the BoD at Lynx Software, a leader in mission critical embedded software virtualization. Flavio is now driving the positioning of Lynx Software as a key enabler for Mission Critical Edge Computing, where requirements typical of embedded computing (security, real-time and safety) are incorporated into modern networked, virtualized, containerized and intelligence rich computing at the edge.

Flavio Bonomi Co-founded Nebbiolo Technologies, a Silicon Valley startup delivering the first complete Fog/Edge Computing software platform for the Industrial Automation market. This platform vision is now being broadly adopted as the future of Industrial Internet of Things and for the transformation of the Industrial Floor infrastructure.

During his 14 years at Cisco Systems as a Cisco Fellow and VP, where he led the vision and technology initiative for Cisco’s forward looking initiatives, Flavio and his team recognized a need for deploying modern computing resources closer to the endpoints or edge, adopting the advanced innovations recently developed in the domain of Cloud Computing. The solution they identified would offer all the advantages of the Cloud married to the connectivity, security, real-time and safety capabilities required in the Industrial IoT domain. Thus, “Fog Computing” was born.

Prior to Cisco, Flavio spent 10+ years in Bay Area startups and 10+ years at AT&T Bell Labs, where he became a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff. During his career, Flavio directly contributed to fundamental technology inflections in the fields of Data Networking, Computing, and Industrial IoT.

A visionary entrepreneur and technologist, Flavio thrives at the boundary between applied research and advanced technology commercialization. He has published 100+ papers in technical journals and conference proceedings, a book chapter, and is co-inventor in 70+ USA and International Patents. Flavio has PhD and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University and a Laurea Summa Cum Laude Electrical Engineering from University of Pavia, Italy