Speaker profile

Dr. Azihem Sefidon

Director Research Head of Cloud Systems and Platforms - Ericsson

Azimeh Sefidcon is passionate about discoveries, predicting and building the future proof technologies. Looking for some magic by smart combination of insights on technology, business and new ways of operation. She is a technologist by education, an artist at heart and a leader by nature. Having lived, studies and worked on three different continents, she has learned to see and admire the diversity while her passion and interest in technology remained consistent.

She joined Ericsson Sweden in 2010 and since then she has held various technology development and leadership roles in the areas of mobile and core networks and software and system design. She currently serves as research director for cloud systems and platforms, where she sets the research agenda for the future vision of the network compute fabric, technologies for edge cloud, network-friendly cloud evolution and future computing platforms. Sefidcon holds a Ph.D. in mobility and IP from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.