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Doug Pemerl

Founder & CEO - PemReal Advisors & TeraTrends

PemReal Advisors provides real estate advisory services for major commercial projects, private and non-profit healthcare projects, and solar photovoltaic (PV) installations. Its consulting services include acquisition and financial analysis, financing, development, and asset management, usually working closely with other real estate and solar professionals to optimize a project’s viability. PemReal has been involved in the development, financing, construction and sale of numerous large-scale projects since 1984.

TeraTrends offers top-level transportation mobility, renewable energy and real estate advisory services. Our approach is driven by research and our aim is to help clients make strategic decisions about major commercial and infrastructure projects.

TeraTrends explores a series of exponentially accelerating technological trends that will converge in the 2020s. These trends will lead to advances in autonomous and electric vehicles, urban mobility, solar and battery storage, along with the technology required to support these industries. The convergence of these advances will lead to the reshaping of American cities and create widespread social benefits and unparalleled economic prosperity.



Edge Executive Conference - Day 2 - October 12, 2022
Panel: Intelligent Infrastructure to Build the Platform for Future Growth
Intelligent Infrastructure (Edge Executive Conference)
Speaking companies: The Autonomy Institute, PemReal Advisors & TeraTrends, EDJX
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