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Brian Schmidt

Co-Founder - Primary Ocean

Brian Schmidt is the Co-Founder of Primary Ocean, a seaweed biotechnology company funded by the Department of Energy to develop state-of-the-art offshore ocean kelp cultivation technologies to draw down C02 and biomass refining technologies to create and offset carbon-intensive products for the biofuel, fertilizer, animal feed, and textiles industry. Utilizing a species of macroalgae called Macrocystis Pyrifera, AKA Giant Kelp (Earth’s fastest growing and most regenerative organism) Primary Ocean developed a liquid seaweed extract (biofertilizer) and is commercially focused on adding value to the regenerative agriculture renaissance. Primary Ocean’s product, Organikelp, helps vegetable, fruit, and nut farmers regenerate eroded soils, enhance crop yields, quality, and profit while also helping reduce their water, fertilizer, and pesticide requirements in both conventional and organic farming systems. Brian’s path into agriculture and desire to help farmers succeed came naturally to him considering his grandpa was a poor Texas cotton farmer in a small German settlement town. Prior to his journey into seaweed and focus on regenerative aquaculture & agriculture, Brian produced large-scale events where he managed complex logistics and relationships of artists and creative builds at conferences, festivals, and concerts. Brian still serves as Music Department Manager and Artist Relations Manager for Summit Series, an invite-only event series curated for thought and innovation leaders. Summit creates unique gatherings and events designed to catalyze entrepreneurship, creative achievement, and global change to build a healthier and more joyful world. Being a part of the summit community and hosting/listening to speakers and performers such as Eric Schmidt, Jeff Bezos, Kendrick Lamar, Reed Hastings, Wim Hof, and Quentin Tarantino inspired Brian to work on building something to give back to our Mother Earth. Brian graduated from Auburn University and takes pride in being an advocate for medical freedom & the freedom for open and uncensored scientific debate. In his free time, Brian loves backpacking trips into nature, spending time with family and friends, and continuing to advance his hobbies/practice of meditation and skydiving.


Edge Executive Conference - Day 1 - October 11, 2022
Panel: ESG in Agriculture
Silicon Valley AgTech (Edge Executive Conference)
14:30 - 12:00
Speaking companies: Full Harvest, Context Labs, Plasma Water, Primary Ocean
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