Speaker profile

Arjun Narang

Co-Founder & CTO - Gatik

Arjun is the Co-founder and CTO at Gatik, a Palo Alto based startup developing autonomous light commercial vehicles for B2B short-haul logistics. He has worked for over 12 years at the intersection of computer vision, robotics and machine learning with expertise in sensor fusion based SLAM, probabilistic modelling and multi-task learning.

As a researcher at Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute, Arjun worked on building robots and intelligent systems that are able to autonomously operate in complex and diverse environments. His research included designing novel methods and tools for perception, abstraction, mapping and path planning.

Before founding Gatik, Arjun was the Head of Perception at Otsaw Digital, where he developed a Vision-Lidar based 3D SLAM algorithm with probabilistic sensor fusion for autonomous navigation of the O-R3 patrolling robot in non-static outdoor environment. He has made critical research contributions in the field of autonomous systems at Waseda University (Japan), CUNY (USA), Infratek Solutions (USA) and Carnegie Robotics (USA). He has contributed to several research papers on self-driving and robotics technology. Arjun earned his M.S. (Focus on Robotics and AI) from Purdue University and B.S. from BITS Pilani, India.