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Amanda Marrs

Senior Director of Product - AMP Robotics

Amanda dives into new product lines where hardware, software, and people are part of an industrial process to deliver an outcome. She excels at defining a vision where none exists and collaborating cross-functionally to implement that vision. Within AMP’s technology business, her focus on feature developments that enable AI improvements for detecting material, provide data and reporting to the industry, improve pick success, and automate optimizations will continue to make recycling more transparent, cost-effective, and efficient. Within AMP’s secondary sortation business, she’s leading the advancement of technology that automates optimizations, increases total recovery to reduce landfilling, and improves bale purities that can enable new markets. The business results Amanda drives are notable; so is how she achieves them. As a leader, Amanda believes her primary responsibility is helping her team be successful so they can help make customers successful. There’s no one leadership style she uses; she flexes it as needed. When teams have competing interests, she recognizes the need to be a more centralized decision maker. When teams are able to collaborate, she sees her role as a facilitator of discussion that effectively leads to consensus. She truly believes that together we know more than any one individual and prefers ways to expand team collaboration whenever possible. She also has leadership advice for females in male-dominated fields. For one, don’t ask, “Does that make sense?” It comes across as a lack of confidence rather than the intended collaborative spirit. Instead, ask, “Do you have any questions or feedback?” She also suggests replacing an apology with a thank you. So, “I’m so sorry I’m late” can become “Thanks for your patience while I wrapped up a meeting that ran over time.” Finally, she urges other professionals to remember that leaders don’t ask permission for a seat at the table; they show up early and take a seat because they know they have something to contribute.


Edge Executive Conference - Day 2 - October 12, 2022
Edge AI in Recycling & Sustainability
Edge AI & Application Mgmnt (Edge Executive Conference)
Speaking companies: AMP Robotics
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Panel: Edge AI for Sustainability
Edge AI & Application Mgmnt (Edge Executive Conference)
Speaking companies: AMP Robotics, Johnson Controls, Flex Logix, SliceX AI
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