Speaker profile

Alex Lennox-Miller

Senior Analyst - Chilmark Research

Alex Lennox-Miller joined the Chilmark Research team in 2018, as a research analyst specializing in patient-provider-payer convergence. His work focuses on value propositions for HCOs and payers, particularly in the implementation and potential use cases of analytic and workflow packages for clinical, administrative, and financial areas. From value-based payments and population health quality to revenue cycles and staff appointments, Alex believes that improved understanding and use of HIT is essential in providing the best possible care for patients, as well as improving the lives of clinical providers.

Before joining Chilmark, Alex was the senior business analyst for Process Improvement Operations in Lahey Health System, where he learned firsthand the challenges and value in implementing analytic programs and an analytic mindset in the healthcare setting. Prior to that, he was the founder of KSVL Consulting and specialized in providing accounting, finance, and business model consulting to start-ups and new businesses in Greater Boston. His background in process engineering and financial analysis comes from Northeastern University, where he earned his MBA in 2016