Applied Brain Research Inc

Applied Brain Research Inc. makes ultra-low power AI software and hardware and cognitive AI systems built using our methods. We help make devices smarter and greener. We are neuroscientists and AI engineers. Inspired by the design of brain circuits, we design AI chips and make software tools for building very low-power embedded AI systems for use in devices such as phones, drones, robots, cars, cameras, clothing, wearables and sensors. As an example, the architecture of our recently released automatic speech recognition (ASR) system was inspired by the neurons that track events in time in your brain. Our ASR design understands spoken command words using only 9 one-millionths of a watt of electricity. That means the chip alone would run for more than 7 years on the average hearing-aid battery. We sell our technologies to device makers and our tools to developers who wish to build low-power, dynamic AI networks for their devices.

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