ECW 2021 – Edge Security Summit

About the Edge Security Summit:

1:00PM PDT Chairman’s Introduction 

Jim Davis, Editor, EdgeIR


1:10PM PDT Edge Computing: Rationale, Challenges and Get Rights

Ange Johnson de Wet, Head of Transformation Compliance and Governance, Lloyds Bank


1:25PM PDT Combating Cyber Threats at the Edge

        • 3 W’s of Edge Computing
        • Hostile Agent affecting Edge Computing
        • Geardo is not the answer
        • Quid Pro quo for cyber professionals
        • 7-Pillars of Edge Protection AI at the Edge Security
        • Agile SecOps is the next Gen Solution

James Odeyinka Technical Cloud Architect Walgreens


1:40PM PDT Optimizing Video Security

DataShapes mission is to bring enterprise much closer, much faster to its Edge data. We do this by transforming Edge data in real-time on devices and then building services on top of that data. As we see the Edge, once you have data, the rest is easy. We demonstrate this in an application for the enterprise GSOC (Global Security Operations Center) market called SNIPR. SNIPR makes it easy for security analysts to navigate video and audio content containing potential threats to the enterprise, addressing significant productivity and manpower issues faced by the GSOC market.

Jon Myers, CEO,Datashapes

Logan Selby,Senior Strategic Advisor,DataShapes


1:55PM PDT The Bleeding Edge. Rewards and Cyber Risk. 

Edge computing is a cornerstone of digital transformation and sparking the next wave of innovation.  Moving workloads out of the datacenter to the edge will drive efficiencies and productivity. It will also become an attractive target for cybercriminals. In this session we will discuss how a Zero Trust Architecture can protect workloads at the edge by eliminating the attack surface, securing internet communications and preventing the lateral movement of threats across the corporate network.

Nathan Howe Vice President, Emerging Technology – 5G ZScaler


2:10PM PDT Panel Discussion: Edge Security: Challenges & Opportunities

Ange Johnson de Wet, Head of Transformation Compliance and Governance, Lloyds Bank

James Odeyinka, Technical Cloud Architect, Walgreens

Jon Myers, CEO, Datashapes

Nathan Howe Vice President, Emerging Technology – 5G ZScaler



This Summit is available through the Edge Computing World pass, giving you access to this session and the 11 other Summits & Keynote Sessions of the Edge Executive Conference, plus the case studies and tutorials of the Edge Developers Conference session, plus safe and effective ne to one Networking though our AI powered matchmaking system & plus Networking Roundtables.