Why Now?

Over the past year the distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) blockchain market has shown both exploding growth and enhanced maturity. DLTs are becoming an integral part of future business strategies for may enterprises. This shift is significant as it is challenging the centralized and standard business models, applications, and technology of today, forcing a more distributed and decentralized future. 

We refer to this shift as Web 3.0, requiring a more evolved technology stacks for creating future applications, known as decentralized applications or DApps. The new stack puts greater attention on areas such as distributed computing & storage, data privacy & ownership, and smarter contracts than the applications of today.

As we move towards all things decentralized, the business models of old and their economics no longer apply. Industries will need to quickly adapt to keep customers returning and incentivized to stay.

The Summit

During the “D: All Things Decentralized” Industry Summit, we brought together all elements of the ecosystem from industry insights, to technical architecture to the future of business and venture capital. Attendees were able to learn, collaborate and partner to drive ahead this next wave of technology.