2019 Agenda

16:45 | Tuesday 10th December 2019

Towards Differentiated Services in a Converged Edge Cloud with Private 5G, SD-WAN & Local Compute

Track B: Edge Implementation: Architecture, Security & Networking
Format: Implementation Insight

SD-WAN and Local Compute complement each other to provide an Edge Cloud platform with full WAN connectivity for Enterprises. In this talk, we will examine how Private 5G with CBRS further adds value to the aforementioned Edge Cloud platform for Enterprises by enabling differentiated services.

First, we will examine the key enterprise use cases and market segments for a hyper-converged edge cloud platform with Private 5G/SD-WAN/Compute. Next, we will dive into the key architectural aspects such as Kubernetes as the single infrastructure orchestrator for Private 5G/SD-WAN network functions and Edge applications and Network Slicing for differentiated services. Last, we will touch upon the open source activities in this front.