2022 Agenda - All Timings PST

13:50 | Tuesday 11th October 2022

StarlingX – Open Edge Infrastructure in Production

Edge Developers Conference

During the past decade cloud computing outgrew the walls of traditional large data centers and started to take over the edge. This technology evolution opened up endless opportunities to create new applications along with better utilizing hardware resources that are closer to the end users.
The industry has been discussing the requirements of new use cases to better understand the need to move out to the edge, but the conversation about what it takes to operate these infrastructures has just started. This session will highlight the operational challenges that appear as soon as the edge infrastructure and applications get rolled out in production.
During the presentation attendees will learn about StarlingX, which is an open source cloud platform that is designed and fine tuned for edge and IoT use cases. The talk will highlight some of the project’s features that were architected to address the operational challenges along with giving a sneak peek into the new functionality that the 7.0 release is about to deliver.