2019 Agenda

10:00 | Monday 9th December 2019

The Unintended Consequences of Platforms

Format: Decentralized Business & Venture

The majority of new start-ups and the biggest tech giants are platform based. Both new and old platforms are built on the same business models: Foster user engagement, gather as much user data as possible, use that data to enhance advertising. This model has become incredibly profitable for some but has had unintended consequences such as data breaches, loss of consumer trust, and stakeholder misalignment all of which need to be addressed by next-generation solutions. We believe there is a new way for platforms and stakeholders to build open applications that create healthy, competitive and sustainable ecosystems. An Open Applications Network can serve as the public utility with open standards for participation that is owned by everyone. Open applications provide compounding innovation and are fundamentally accessible, privacy-focused, and have mathematically verifiable guarantees.