2022 Agenda - All Timings PST

15:25 | Tuesday 11th October 2022

Cure Common Developer Headaches: Leverage EVE-OS at the Distributed Edge

Edge Developers Conference

Edge computing plays a critical role in digital transformation, but it also creates a new set of challenges for developers which are unlike what we see in traditional data center or cloud environments. For instance, how do we build a comprehensive security framework that addresses an environment without a secure perimeter and where neither hardware, software, nor users can be trusted? How do we handle basic lifecycle management tasks when diverse hardware types are leveraged at scale within highly distributed environments? And finally, how do we develop for environmental variables that may include limitations like intermittent connectivity and low bandwidth? Some of those challenges can be handled using an infrastructure purpose-built for the distributed edge, while others need to be addressed by the application developer.


EVE-OS, developed within Project EVE as part of the Linux Foundation’s LF Edge consortium, provides such an infrastructure. EVE-OS is a lightweight, fully open source, Linux-based operating system purpose-built for the distributed edge. Learn how the flexible EVE-OS architecture addresses common edge issues such as avoiding software and firmware attacks in the field, ensuring security and environmental consistency with unsecured or flaky network connections, and deploying and updating applications at scale with limited or inconsistent bandwidth. In addition, learn how to get involved with Project EVE and how to leverage what EVE-OS does within your environments and for your applications.