2019 Agenda

14:05 | Tuesday 10th December 2019

Managing Data Security at the Edge

Track B: Edge Implementation: Architecture, Security & Networking
Format: Implementation Insight

Edge compute solves the common problem of monitoring and preventing failures. Utility providers and oil & gas companies have critical infrastructure that have limited external connectivity. While latency is the main driver for edge computing in general, the primary consideration in these sectors is security of the on-premise data.

 Operational data is collected and analyzed close to the source. This eliminates the security perils of sending critical data to the Cloud. However, these installations are still vulnerable to attacks since they lack the implied security features afforded by Cloud computing. A practical and defensive approach is essential in order to reduce the attack surface of the on-premise edge compute solution.

 This presentation discusses security considerations covering:

  1. A high-level analysis of the security threat model ranging from the edge compute host to the humans interacting with the system.
  2. Establishment of a secure application environment that protects the delivery and deployment of the edge compute application and the related data at rest.
  3. Simplicity and usability considerations.