2019 Agenda

09:40 | Wednesday 11th December 2019

Service Provider Strengths & Collaboration to Efficiently Serve Market Needs

Format: Service Provider Strategies for the Edge

In the emerging edge market, multiple players are vying for leadership, each with its set of advantages and challenges. The cloud players are driving towards edge from their centralized, hyperscale data centers.  Established telco carriers have their customer relationships and extensive network & real estate assets. And new access entrants are active in carving a niche by addressing emerging applications and challenges that the telco & cloud players are not chasing.  Do any of the players have a strong enough hand to win market leadership alone?

  • Assessing the relative strengths of the cloud and telco service providers
  • Assessing whether there is market need for  collaboration
  • Identifying where players might partner or pursue solo strategies.