2019 Agenda

16:30 | Wednesday 11th December 2019

Mitigating Wildfire Risk with Edge Computing

Track A: Edge Application Requirements - Bandwidth Driven
Format: Use Case Perspective

Fires caused by electric grid failures are increasing at an alarming rate. As green power is coming online, accepting renewables into the grid creates complex issues. The recent California wildfires have been ignited by reactive power fluctuations induced by uncontrolled, rapid, random fluctuations from distributed energy resources affected by weather fronts. We will present the energy adaptive networks technology based on Caltech research and the distributed edge application previously used to monitor and control reverse power flows in microgrids now used to create a “planetary skin”, a mesh of devices that capture time-series data, analyzes it in real time, and minimize power fluctuations in the grid. The presentation will highlight the system architecture, first deployments, examples and collaboration required to address the challenge of gathering the data, analyzing it in real time, reliably enough to take action to make communities safer, healthier, and more sustainable.