2019 Agenda

16:20 | Tuesday 10th December 2019

Patterns for the Edge: And why you shouldn’t deploy Kubernetes to the Edge

Track B: Edge Implementation: Architecture, Security & Networking
Format: Implementation Insight
Kubernetes has been taking the data center by storm. Perfect for large scale homogenous infrastructures, it has ushered in a new wave of Cloud Native application development. But is it suitable for deploying at the Edge?
In this talk we examine what it means to be Edge Native. What differentiates it from Cloud Native? And what does this mean for the architecture of your Edge Cloud implementation? We dive in (with a hands on demo) of how to seamlessly extend Kubernetes with Eclipse ioFog, and make it edge aware. We’ll examine an architecture that’s using Virtual Kubelets and CRDs to build a seamless Cloud-to-Edge continuum, while not losing sight of core Edge attributes such as location, network topology and latency, and disparate hardware. Lastly, we’ll look at when you should deploy Kubernetes at the Edge.