2019 Agenda

14:00 - 17:30 | Tuesday 10th December 2019

Half-Day Developer Workshop: Edge Use Case DNA

Track C: Edge Developers Conference
Format: Developer Education

What is edge computing from a coder’s perspective? Why is edge needed? Why now?

Let’s analyze edge use case DNA to understand where, when, and how edge computing will come into fruition and what components are driving the massive momentum surrounding edge computing as a technology.

Join this half-day workshop to learn from edge experts and roll up your sleeves to experience the power of edge computing with hands-on exercises and challenges.

Leave with a better understanding of how edge computing can optimize your application and be one of the first developers to get access to the edge.


  • Exploring the edge computing landscape
  • Developer requirements for the edge
  • Edge use case DNA – workbook exercise
  • Hands-on challenges on live edge infrastructure
  • Continuing the conversation – the Seamster initiative