2019 Agenda

09:20 | Tuesday 10th December 2019

Edge Requirements for the Connected Vehicle

Format: Use Case Perspective

Connected Vehicles are swiftly transforming the automotive industry, with emerging services driving major new
requirements for data communications. In principle, every new vehicle manufactured will be continuously connected and will generate massive volumes of data to be transferred between vehicles and the cloud. New Connected Vehicle services are expected to make the Automotive sector the industry segment with the fastest-growing demand for mobile machineto-machine connectivity. Stakeholders in this industry vertical include vehicle OEMs, technology solution vendors, network operators, cloud infrastructure and service providers. The challenge is in designing and deploying the communication networks and computing ecosystem required to efficiently deliver and process the new high-volume data requirements.

Considering the global nature of this challenge, stakeholders should consider how communication networks and
computing resources could be orchestrated to enable secure, cost-effective data delivery and processing on a global scale. To address this challenge, we focuse on three of the key issues pertaining to data integration within a Localized Network. These are:

  • Edge data offloading.
  • MSP Server Selection.
  • Vehicle System Reachability.