2019 Agenda

11:30 - 12.45 | Tuesday 10th December 2019

Developer Workshop: Eclipse Edge Tools – ioFog and Fog05

Track C: Edge Developers Conference
Format: Developer Education
The road to the Edge is paved with diverse solutions: why one size fits all doesn’t work on the Edge
From the outside, Edge computing looks very similar to Cloud computing. Many of the same tools and platforms can be used in both environments, after all. However, Edge comes with its own set of challenges: unreliable networks, physical constraints and power consumption are just three of the most common.
To overcome those challenges, you need platforms that are build for Edge from the ground up. The Eclipse Foundation established an Edge working group to foster the growth and adoption of such platforms. In this session, you will learn about Eclipse ioFog and Eclipse Fog05, two distinct yet complementary projects that solve the challenges of Edge Computing in their own way.