2019 Agenda

16:00 | Wednesday 11th December 2019

Case Study: Deploying at the Edge with Kubernetes

Track B: Edge Implementation: Application Deployment & Management
Format: Implementation Insight

 Cookin’ in the Chick-fil-A Kitchen w/ Kubernetes

Chick-fil-A was an early adopter of Kubernetes at the Edge, beginning deployments to our 2,200 restaurants in 2018. Over the past few years, we have continued to iterate on our edge technology stack to further optimize in support of our growing business. In this session, we’ll answer several questions: Why did we invest in deploying computing at the Edge in each of our restaurants in the first place? Why Kubernetes? How has our architecture changed since late 2017? How do we monitor/manage/deploy to 2,200 restaurants at scale?  We will answer these questions, share some lessons learned, and share where we’re headed in the future.