2019 Agenda

16:00 | Tuesday 10th December 2019

Case Study: Enabling the Edge for Multiplayer Gaming

Track A: Edge Application Requirements - Latency Driven
Format: Use Case Perspective

Haste is a dedicated network built for the internet of gaming. The global games market will grow 13.3% and eclipse $137 billion this year. The PC gaming arena, where Haste is focused, is worth some $32 billion. In the more serious e-sports category, total revenues are expected to hit $906 million in 2018, up 38.2% year-on-year (data: NewZoo).

This presentation will cover:

  • Understanding the global market for gaming
  • Clarifying the challenge: Lag, Ping, Packet Loss & Jitter, and why they are inherent in today’s networks
  • Building the solution : Haste’s approach a building the internet of games
  • Opening up the opportunity : how the gaming internet will develop and future participation and partnership opportunities



Session speakers