2020 Agenda - All Timings PST

07:30 | Wednesday 14th October 2020

Application Management Keynote

Edge Executive Conference - Application Management Summit

Why edge? Where is edge?

 We’re transitioning from the mobile internet era to the hyper connected world era where digital intersects with every aspect of our lives.  In the mobile Internet era, a mobile device connects to the Internet to consume content.  In the hyper-connected world, every object produces data and needs to communicate with other objects to drive a decision or an action.  The real practical notion is well beyond the Internet of things but the internet of systems where microservices communicate with each other using API(s) ranging from smartphones to smart industrial connected devices depending on the use case.  We can’t possibly think that in a world where every action may have a reaction that may lead to transactions, all application communications will still go through a central cloud entity.  To scale to support real-time services, we must Mimik the cloud to the extreme edge (on end-user devices and smart sensors) and utilize it within a standard API-first microservice driven architecture framework. The time has come to start thinking edge-in vs. cloud out.